I'm a freelance CGI generalist. Most things I like have "DIY" as a common denominator. I dabble in most things where I can point to the result and say "I did that!", both creatively and practically.

I have always liked 3d, so when I had the chance to start a one-man 3d-department at my latest employer I naturally jumped at the opportunity. Four years later I'm a CGI freelance, working from my farm Kullholen in rural Sweden. My clients are mostly local ad-agencies and businesses who appreciate locally produced homegrown CGI where you can actually have a face-to-face chat with the artist.

I've been freelancing for 1468 days.

Since much (if not all) of my work is subject to non-disclosure agreements I can only try to show representative pieces here on my portfolio, but suffice to say there is much more under the surface in my work-folder, everything from large industrial sites in the north sea to the smallest of consumer products.

A christmas poster

2018-11-06 Between jobs I found the time to donate some work to the local christmas fair and help them with their advertisement. The landscape is based on the local surroundings. Programs used are ZBrush, RailClone and ForestPack. Rendered, as always, in FStorm.

Some strawberries

2018-05-23 Some old strawberries rendered anew in FStorm on this hot summer's day.

Grodan Boll

2018-05-09 Just for fun, I made a realistic render of "Grodan boll", a classic Swedish children's cartoon. Modeled in ZBrush and rendered in FStorm.

Östbergs HERU 70 K

2018-04-10 I made a tradeshow presentation video for Östbergs. The brief was to explain an FTX system that can fit in a kitchen cupboard. I went with a "Sims"-like perspective and look, and the client was pleased to show the film at an Italian tradeshow.

Embroidery on the Golf Digest cover

2018-03-29 I did the embroidered lettering on the cover of this month's edition of the Swedish Golf Digest. The backplate is a photograph.

Personal piece, and work goes on behind the scenes

2018-01-12 Work goes on even for a freelance artist, but sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. Or the post-apocalyptic wasteland in this case. I have long been a fan of Simon Stålenhag, and this is a practice-picture I have returned again and again to, based on one of his pictures. This time I re-did the entire thing for FStorm. Not a 1:1 attempt of course, but it turned out pretty neat.

Meanwhile, serious work goes on behind the scenes and I hope to be able to post some nice pictures of various consumer products soon.

Presentation at Högskolan Dalarna

2017-11-17 This friday I was one of several speakers at a local gathering for students and professionals in the graphic design industry. It was my biggest audience so far. It was a quick presentation, about 20 minutes, about the basics of 3d modeling and rendering and how to start learning the trade. I hope I managed to inspire at least a few people to look more closely at 3d and CGI.

LED panel

2017-09-23 NDA projects have had me busy, so I thought I'd make a quick shiny techy product animation on some spare hours to put on the ol' webpage.

Interior visualisations

2017-09-15 A big part of CG is interior renders, or at least you'd get that impression by looking at what kinds of images most artists use as practice. I've mostly stuck to product visualisations since that is where I started out. Sometimes though you get a flash of inspiration. I have started a project called Surbrunnsgatan 46 where I'll use an actual 10 square meter - 1,5 million SEK apartment in Stockholm as inspiration. This is the first small step on the project. Most of the apartment itself is modeled already, now comes the hard part: Making it all look real.

Small practice project to get back in the groove

2017-04-12 I felt I needed to get back into realistic CG after making cartoony images for a while. "Logo skincare" is my go-to practice project that I turn to when trying out new ideas.

Leksand Sommarland park map writeup

2017-04-07 When I was a kid, the go-to theme-park was Leksand Sommarland, an amusement park with rides, inflatables and lots of fun stuff to play with. Recently I've had the joy of working with the park, developing their new park map. I have posted a write-up on my facebook page.

Click here to read it!


2017-04-06 A quickie personal project. Trying to replicate the approximate look of a picture I posted to Instagram.

SaintPro shields and stretcher

2017-04-06 For some time I have had the pleasure of working with SaintPro in presenting their personal protection shields and a tactical stretcher. A fun job with products that actually save people from injury.

New portfolio, new language

2017-04-05 I'm translating my page to english and redesigning the whole thing, so bear with me. Get in touch and we'll make beautiful things together!

The day I accidentally went viral

2017-02-16 It looks as though a simple animation I did yesterday has gone "viral", being retweeted by JK Rowling, and appreciated by quite a bunch of people online. I am humbled, and would have spent a lot more than a few hours on this if I knew it was bound for 15 nanoseconds of fame. And I would definitely have put a link to my webpage on it. But c'est la vie, at least people are happy and appreciative of the gif. :)
Anyway, if you would like to contact me regarding this my mail is up top. The deal is that I get credited with a link to my FB page or here, and sent a screenshot or a URL if/once you publish it.

Because I got a lot of questions, I did a little write-up to try to describe this experience:
Click here to read it on LinkedIn

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2016-11-24 Yet another morning-project. I was inspired by Johannes Lindqvist who showed us how he made welds on a steel pipe. This took about two hours. This image got some constructive feedback from my teacher Grant Warwick who also shared it with his students.

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A french coffee press!

2016-10-25 A personal project. I posted a photo (top right) on Instagram, and my poor followers had a hard time deciding wether it was CG or a real picture, so I decided to make an actual CG image (the rest of the picture) to show how a CG version would look. This took about two hours, including some light post in Photoshop. Fstorm an 3d Studio Max

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CG presentation at Norkay

2016-10-07 Today I'm doing a presentation about CG images at the ad-agency Norkay in Falun. If you want more information about what I'm covering, there is some bonus material in the form of links here:

Video-clips shown in the presentation

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Returning to an old project

2016-08-17 I'm trying out a new young GPU-based renderer called FStorm. It is very quick and user-friendly compared to most CPU-based renderers. I have lots of work right now, but as always most of it is not disclosable.

CTEK extended breakdown:

A clip showing the making of my animations for CTEK.

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For the person who has everything:

A pen with a cap that can act as a smartphone-holder! Quickie job for Macma Sweden.

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An oldie from Clas Ohlson

One of the last pictures I made while working at Clas Ohlson, for the refresh of the Coline brand. I used the Corona renderer for this one.